Dog Photography, Under the Big Sky

Here in Montana, we’re blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. The only way to make our landscape more photogenic? Stick a dog on it!

I can’t get over these images. Thank you so much, Kim - the boys and I had a wonderful experience working with you. I keep finding excuses to invite friends over so I can show off my gallery wall!
— Laura B. (Sam & Bentley)


How it Works

1. The Planning

Once you’ve booked your session, you’ll receive a questionnaire to help me learn about your dog, what you’re hoping for from our session, and how you’d like to display the resulting artwork (no worries if you don’t know; we can decide later). Based on your answers, we’ll choose a location and craft the perfect, personalized session to maximize your delight with the images I’ll create. We’ll select a date and time for your session, as well as a backup date in case of rain.

2. The Shoot

When the big day arrives, we’re in for some serious fun. My portrait sessions are meant to be an enjoyable, stress-free experience for both the dogs and the humans, so please don’t fret about whether or not your pup will “perform” well! There’s no hard-and-fast time limit for our signature sessions; generally they last between one and two hours, with plenty of breaks for your dog to relax and sniff around.

3. The Reveal

About two weeks after our session, it’s time for the image reveal and the ordering appointment. I’ll have the tissues ready as you watch a slideshow of all the greatest hits from our photography outing. It can be a little overwhelming (in a good way!), but I’ll help guide you through the decision-making process as we determine how to best display and enjoy your favorite images.

4. The Grand Finale

Three to four weeks after your ordering appointment, it’s time for me to deliver your much-anticipated artwork. Strike up the band…pop the champagne…there’s just no better feeling than watching my clients unwrap stunning art pieces featuring their beloved pets!

(Limited-Edition Studio Sessions are a more streamlined process, with the image reveal and artwork ordering immediately following your pup’s photo shoot. It’s like instant gratification!)


I miss Roscoe terribly, and although I have photos, none of them as perfectly encapsulate him as the ones you took do. Thank you so much, again. Know how much I appreciate you, and how lucky I feel to have met you.
— Patrick S.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located? Do you travel?

I’m based out of Missoula, Montana. Sessions include travel within 30 miles of downtown Missoula. If there’s a location beyond that radius that you just love, I’m happy to travel up to an additional 30 miles for a $50 fee. For locations further afield, please request a travel quote before booking your session.

My dog is a maniac off leash. Can we still do a portrait session?

You bet! Believe it or not, many of the images in my portfolio were shot with the dog on leash - such is the wizardry of Photoshop! Whether your dog will be doing on- or off-leash modeling, it always helps if you can burn off some of the crazy with an exercise session before we begin.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Plan on scheduling at least three weeks in advance, but feel free to book up to six months ahead of time. In the event of an impending goodbye with your dog, I’ll make every effort to schedule your session as quickly as possible.

I have more than two dogs. Can you photograph all of them in one session?

My signature on-location sessions can accommodate up to four dogs from the same family. Because of the extra time and work involved in photographing a larger group, there’s a $75 fee for each additional dog beyond the first two. If you have more than four dogs (bless you, you big-hearted human), let’s discuss your pack and see if we can make special accommodations.

What if my dog is camera-shy?

No worries - I have strategies to work with that. The most important thing is for your dog to be comfortable during our time together. For highly anxious dogs, I’ll use a longer focal length so I can back up and give them plenty of space. While I invite eye contact through an array of attention-grabbing noises, if your dog simply refuses to look at the camera, well, that pensive, gaze-off-into-the-distance look is always in fashion.

Do you photograph cats?

Great question. Thanks to a lifelong allergy, my cat-wrangling skills are underdeveloped. While I can’t guarantee the same caliber of results as from my dog sessions, if you have a social, confident cat (who doesn’t hide when a stranger appears!), I’m happy to take a Benadryl and give it a whirl.

Can I be in the photos?

Absolutely! While most of the session will focus on just your dog(s), I’d be delighted to include you in some of the images. The most evocative images from a session are often the ones showcasing the human-animal bond.

We’re visiting Missoula for just a few days with our dog. Can I book a session?

Of course - and I hope it will be a highlight of your trip! We can do the image reveal and ordering appointment via Skype, and it’s easy enough to drop-ship your artwork so it arrives safely at your doorstep.

I have an idea for an image I’d like of my dog. Can you help?

Let’s talk! If you have a conceptual image in mind, I’d love to work together to make it happen. However, if you’ve found an image on Pinterest or Instagram that’s in a wildly different photographic style (e.g. dark, moody, desaturated colors), I’m probably not the right artist to bring that vision to life.

Is there anything better than dogs?

Nope, there really isn’t.

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