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What happens when
your best friend
meets my camera?


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Pet photography for cherished animals. Marketing help for the businesses that make their lives better.

Naughty dogs. Sweet dogs. Brand-new pups just figuring out the world. Wise old souls winding down. We love ‘em all…and what’s more, they love us back.



I’m Kim, and I’m an award-winning dog photographer based in Missoula, Montana. I also use copywriting and content marketing to help pet businesses thrive.

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Missoula Pet Photographer

To say that I’m a “dog photographer” is too simplistic. I’m an artist, and my medium is the silly, soulful essence of your animals. I capture it, finesse it, digitally whittle away the leashes, eye boogers and other distractions, and present you with artwork to last a lifetime, to remind you of the all-encompassing love you share.

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Unique Artwork

Imagine seeing that larger-than-life smile on your living room wall, or a portrait on your desktop, bringing you lightness when your workday feels heavy. When you’re my client, I don’t just snap some photos to be posted on Facebook and then forgotten. We’ll choose your favorite images from our session, and decide on the very best way to show them off.

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For Pet-Focused Businesses

If you’re in the business of improving pets’ lives, I’d like to help improve your business. With targeted copy and high-impact imagery, we’ll create that elusive je ne sais paw that connects with your customers on an emotional level and leaves your audience hungry for more. Whether your project is dachshund-sized or expansive in scope, I’ll approach it with my full attention and enthusiasm.


I’ve literally taken over 1,000 pictures of Spencer; he’s the love of my life. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a professional dog photography session, but when I saw the images that Kim created, I was blown away by the difference. I’m absolutely delighted to have these photos of my boy.
— Renee R.