Pet Copywriter, Content Marketer, and Stick-Thrower Extraordinaire

Why Choose Me? 


Somehow Kim always makes me seem smarter and funnier than I actually am, while still writing in a voice that sounds like “me.” She’s saved me on a number of projects, even when—especially when—there’s been a tight deadline.
— Tom R.


It’s true, there are a lot of photographers and copywriters out there. Why choose Lint Roller Productions?

  • Working with me is easy. Clear communication. Deliverables on or ahead of schedule. No surprises on your invoice. And, I’m committed to making the experience enjoyable.

  • We share a passion for animals. With eight years of work in the pet industry and double that as a pet parent myself, I have a deep understanding of the niche - as well as the mindset of your customer base.

  • My attention to detail makes you look great. I’m so confident in the caliber of my work that I offer the Free-Puppy Guarantee: Find a mistake in the copy I produce for you, and you’ll receive a complimentary eight-week-old Golden Retriever.

    (Okay, that’s a lie. But it is true that I’m fastidious about proofreading! You’ll look exceptionally professional when you work with me.)

  • I’m super flexible. Having four-legged children instead of the two-legged kind affords me some extra wiggle room in my schedule. Need to connect late in the evening? No problem.

  • Your words and images will work together seamlessly. Being able to “shoot to the script” is a huge advantage in developing the nuance and emotion to convey your message, exactly as intended. And if you need just photos or just copy, but not both? No problem.

  • Affordability. Running a one-woman operation helps to keep my costs—and therefore yours—at a reasonable level. That said….

  • I know people. Sometimes, crisp new images and fresh copy aren't enough to get you there. Maybe you’re starting from scratch and need a website built, or your existing site feels dated and needs to go. Maybe it’s time for a logo re-design that better represents what your brand stands for. No matter: I have a talented tribe of friends and collaborators who specialize in just such things. We’ll figure out who you need on your team and make it happen.

  • Your satisfaction is my top priority. I won’t take you on as a client unless I’m confident I can help. It’s not enough that you feel good about the work I deliver; I want you to be downright delighted with both your experience and your results.

The best way to decide whether we’d be a good fit is to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.